Joe Zawadzki

Joe Zawadzki | CEO | MediaMath

MediaMath CEO, Joe Zawadzki, is widely recognized among the digital advertising community as a founding father of programmatic marketing. One of the original Math Men, Zawadzki has played a role in shaping digital marketing’s major technological developments for the past 20 years.

In 1999 he founded [x+1], bringing a string of firsts to the market, including the first dynamic creative ad server and data management platform, real-time cloud-based decisioning onsite and in media. He incubated Right Media (Yahoo!), the first scaled online ad exchange for the buying and selling of digital advertising, and worked with both DoubleClick and AOL on their optimization and yield strategies.

Driven by a vision of what marketing could and should be, Zawadzki founded MediaMath in 2007 to make that so, connecting brands to consumers across the digital ecosystem by offering all participants ever-increasing outcomes, transparency, and control. Today MediaMath’s open, enterprise programmatic software and services enable thousands of brands globally to reach billions of screens a day, in ways that respect and engage the people behind the devices.

Giving back – doing good, better – motivates both Zawadzki and the team at MediaMath., the company’s philanthropic arm is a proud member of Pledge 1%, committing 1% of time, product, and equity to nonprofits. Through personal investments and MediaMath’s corporate venture fund, MathCapital, he has been an active sponsor of the broader marketing technology and analytics ecosystem with early stage investment in companies like Moat (Oracle), AppNexus (AT&T), Integral Ad Science (Vista Equity Partners), DataMinr, CreditKarma and 80+ more.

Born in Canada, a graduate of Harvard University and former Teaching Fellow in cosmology, set theory and the history of science, he lives in New York City with his wife, Daria, and their children Dune and Jack, born on the summer and winter solstices, respectively.